people have improved health
Improved immunity and productivity of our users

The users of our natural, chemical-free products display signs of improved health and increased immunity. With our central air purifier installed at home, the children, elderly, and adults are guaranteed to lead healthier lives. With our commercial air purifier at the workplace, employees feel more energetic and satisfied in a clean air environment. Even chances of falling sick due to cross-infection are drastically reduced.


sq. ft. of area is safe for occupants
Protection from air pollution round the year

Air pollution is known to cause various respiratory diseases and allergies. Our central air purification system makes the indoor environment safe for people and their assets. Not only are humans and pets protected, but also valuable assets such as paintings, murals, furniture, hardware, etc. are all safeguarded from dust, mold, and corrosive gases.


tons of CO2 were saved
Contribution to environmental sustainability

The technologies we use are environment friendly, and our products save energy. Instead of conventional filters that are use-and-throw, our technology can be simply washed and reused. Since our air purifiers integrate with any kind of air conditioners and improve their cooling efficiency, our users save money on their electricity bills, reducing their carbon footprint on the planet.

Positively impacting people’s lives

We have a commitment to positively impact the communities around us through increasing awareness, education, and philanthropy.

We conduct awareness sessions and trainings for corporates and industry stakeholders. Our team gives frequent talks at architecture institutes to train the next generation of leaders about sustainable design. We also collaborate with various startups and nonprofits to spread awareness and recommend steps to safeguard against pollution.

Magneto Team
Magneto Team

Collaboration with all stakeholders

We work with air pollution related researchers, labs, startups, policy makers, and nonprofits to bring about a grassroots change. When air pollution is reduced from the source, everyone will benefit.


Environmental sustainability

Biophilic design and use of environmentally friendly materials are essential to our design philosophy. The environmental impact of our products is a critical consideration, and we constantly work to reduce our carbon footprint.


Spreading awareness

Awareness and education are the first steps towards a change. Only when we collectively recognize the problem can we work to address it. We collaborate with corporates to help spread the message for a cleaner, greener future and work with educational institutes to teach the future generation about sustainable engineering.

Case Studies

A large number of people are leading healthier lives with the help of our solutions. View some of our customer case studies below to learn more about how clean air can bring you health, safety and savings

Reserve Bank of India

Reserve Bank of India (Jammu) has installed Magneto Clean Air Solutions to combat COVID-19


RBI, Jammu was looking for a retrofit air sanitization solution for their air intake system that could eliminate the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the air & other airborne pathogens. The key focus was to keep the staff protected, reassured and confident against COVID- 19 spread, so they could continue to come to work.

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Medanta- A multi-speciality Hospital

Medanta transforms its Gurgaon facility into a ‘Virus-free’ space with MUVGI technology


With the rising number of COVID-19 cases, Medanta was facing the risk of airborne transmission of COVID-19 and other Hospital Acquired Infections inside the hospital premises, for not just patients, but also doctors, visitors, and support staff. The hospital administrators were aware of the fact that they needed to upgrade their air defense to stop the airborne transmission of coronavirus.

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Corporate Office - IFFCO, Delhi

Helping IFFCO to re-open in Pandemic


IFFCO wanted to run their operations and provide protection from pandemic COVID-19 to their employees. They were looking for a solution that eliminates the SARS-CoV-2 category of the virus, infectious pollutants, bacteria, and all other microorganisms from the air inside the office space. They also were looking for a system that neither requires very high maintenance nor has a high recurring cost, in which a filterless technology would be ideal for them.

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Corporate Office - Uber, Gurugram

Making UBER Office a “Clean Air” Zone


Uber’s office is located at the LEED platinum-certified building at One Horizon Center in Gurgaon. The building had high PM 2.5 levels despite having MERV 13 filters installed in all Air Handling units. The IAQ inside the building was constantly poor.

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Corporate Office - Jindal Centre, Delhi

Making Jindal Centre “Corona Ready”


Jindal group was planning to reopen their Bhikajii Cama Place center, a 50,000 sq. ft. office space, post the lockdown3.0 but they were worried about the growing coronavirus cases in India and how to keep their 700+ employees safe. In addition to this, the Jindal Center had been experiencing high PM 2.5 levels inside the office.

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Education - Lycée Français de Delhi

Protecting children from extreme air pollution and cross-infection, along with CO2 Control


Lycée Français de Delhi wanted to provide complete clean air to its students as a retrofit installation. They had a proposal for “dilution of pollution” approach requiring high capital investment & unaffordable operational costs with several civil modifications in their existing infrastructure.

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A Large Artistically designed house demanding future-ready Complete Clean Air.


The existing farmhouse of a prominent individual is located in the green zone of Delhi; however, the PM 2.5 and VOC values were observed to be in the extreme zone. The structure was pre-built with a large central green courtyard and surrounded by other large spaces.

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Hospitality - Taj Hotel

India’s Luxury Hotel Chain offers Clean Air as its newest differentiation.


A specially engineered Magneto Central Air Cleaner for chilled water FCU was designed to be attached in the guest room AC unit. This new, customized version has not only a slim design but also has a unique feature of the clamp-on design, enabling easy application and removal of Magneto Central Air Cleaner unit in less than 5 minutes.

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Healthcare PGI

Protecting Hospitals – where air pollution poses a high risk to patients, health workers and visitors.


When the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGI), Chandigarh was seeking a solution for complete clean air, there was an extensive technical evaluation of air cleaners. None seemed to have a complete clean air solution.

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Foreign Missions - British High Commission

Meeting the demands of Foreign Representative office for international air quality standards.


The client had been using stand-alone air purifiers of some of the best European grades but was incurring high recurring costs while the safety levels were not being achieved even in the moderate air pollution periods. Furthermore, they were worried about the secondary source of infection and gas off from the HEPA filters that were applied to their air purifiers.

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