With the rising number of COVID-19 cases, Medanta was facing the risk of airborne transmission of COVID-19 and other Hospital Acquired Infections inside the hospital premises, for not just patients, but also doctors, visitors, and support staff. The hospital administrators were aware of the fact that they needed to upgrade their air defense to stop the airborne transmission of coronavirus. They were in dire need of a solution that could help them manage their airborne infection control process more efficiently. Moreover, the solution was also supposed to act against microparticles, gases, and other harmful airborne contaminants. They were focused on making a “Virus-proof” environment at their premises.



As Medanta was at a crossroad to remodel its existing infrastructure against the airborne spread, Magneto proposed a thoughtfully designed solution to this – Magneto Central Air Cleaner (MCAC) co-powered with UVGI technology, which efficiently controls the microbial load and continuously maintains healthy PM 1.0 andPM2.5levels. MCAC is engineered with a three-step “Trap and Kill” technology that captures and destroys harmful microbes and air contaminants like dust, pollutants, VOCs, etc. As an added layer of protection, the system is co-powered with UV Germicidal Irradiation that inactivates microbes like viruses and bacteria by rupturing their DNA and RNA.


  • Magneto’s UVGI air disinfection solution (CSIR Certified) is safeguarding the hospital building from all kinds of viruses, bacteria, and hospital-acquired infections with over 99.98% inactivation efficiency.
  • Even with constant bio-influx in a hospital, less than 20 CFU (colony forming units to estimate the number of microbes) were observed in the doctor’s cabin in the Cardia OT area, after installing MCAC co-powered with UVGI, which typically is more than 1000 in a hospital.
  • A sharp reduction in PM 2.5 levels was observed at Medanta with MCAC – from the level of 34 μg/m3 within the hospitals, the average PM2.5 level of 0μg/m3 was maintained.