Magnetic Filtration

Filterless, magnetic process that is inspired by nature

An advanced magnetic air purification technology that works on a micro-trapping process harnessing the combined effects of impingement, polarisation, and agglomeration. A dual polarity is created through an underlying dielectric mesh, trapping very fine particles and neutralising bio-aerosols from the air. It is a “Trap and Kill” process that removes PM 2.5, disease-causing germs, and allergens in recirculating systems at exceptionally high efficiency without any recurring costs. This core technology is included in the Magneto Central Air Cleaner range of products.

Our solutions are built on leading research from around the world and adhere to rigorous standards of safety, compliance, and quality. On top of design excellence, our systems have some of the globe's most demanding certifications, third party tests, and even 3 provisional patents