IFFCO wanted to run their operations and provide protection from pandemic COVID-19 to their employees. They were looking for a solution that eliminates the SARS-CoV-2 category of the virus, infectious pollutants, bacteria, and all other microorganisms from the air inside the office space. They also were looking for a system that neither requires very high maintenance nor has a high recurring cost, in which a filterless technology would be ideal for them.



After consultation with various industry experts, and thorough technical analysis, IFFCO decided to go forward with the air sanitization solution which is compliant with the global industry bodies’ guidelines. IFFCO has retrofitted their air-conditioning system with Magneto Central Air Cleaner (MCAC) UVGI Enhanced model for complete air sanitization of their 20,000 sq.ft premises to give protection to their employees from COVID-19 infection.

Magneto Central Air Cleaner co-powered with UVGI, India’s first ISO 16890 & MERV 15 rated low-pressure drop system, was applied in place of traditional filters.


  • MCAC’s Trap & Kill process isn’t just trapping but also destroying the coronavirus family of viruses, constantly providing complete air protection for all building occupants.
  • The UVGI technology is further disinfecting the building from all kinds of pollutants from the indoor air including germs, bacteria, mould, and harmful gases.
  • A sharp reduction in PM 2.5 levels is being observed at IFFCO with MCAC – from the level of 32ug/m3 within the building, the average PM2.5 level of less than 2μg/m3 is being maintained now.