Uber’s office is located at the LEED platinum-certified building at One Horizon Center in Gurgaon. The building had high PM 2.5 levels despite having MERV 13 filters installed in all Air Handling units. The IAQ inside the building was constantly poor.



Uber a multinational ride-hailing company has a stringent selection process of selection of any vendor. After a long process of evaluating the best possible clean air technology, Uber decided on Magneto Central Air Cleaner which is Filterless Magnetic Air Purification.

Magneto Central Air Cleaner, India’s first ISO 16890 & MERV 15 rated low-pressure drop system, was applied in place of traditional filters in the unit AHU of 23000 CFM.


  • There was a sharp reduction in PM 2.5 levels in Uber’s office when MCAC was turned ON at different periods. The average PM2.5 level of less than 35 μg/m3 was maintained in the office.
  • Quantified clean air was delivered with live air quality monitoring through Dr Air monitoring sensor.
  • Significant energy savings were observed in Uber’s office on account of low-pressure drop.