Jindal group was planning to reopen their Bhikajii Cama Place center, a 50,000 sq. ft. office space, post the lockdown3.0 but they were worried about the growing coronavirus cases in India and how to keep their 700+ employees safe. In addition to this, the Jindal Center had been experiencing high PM 2.5 levels inside the office.



The Jindal group has a stringent selection process, in which a thorough analysis from medical, technical and HVAC experts was conducted. Jindal group decided on Magneto Central Air Cleaner AU model – a powerful air sanitization system enhanced further with UVGI tubes as it was the perfect solution for their requirement.

A breakaway shift from the traditional approach of “dilution of pollution” was made by offering a unique combination of Magneto Fresh Air Energy Recovery Unit combined with Magneto Central Air Cleaner for diverse types of air-con units that was scalable and economical, with virtually no modification at the client site. A new benchmark of clean air was setup that effectively controlled CO2 as well.


  • MCAC's Trap & Kill process isn't just absorbing but destroying the coronavirus family of viruses, constantly providing complete air protection for all building occupants.
  • The UVGI technology is further disinfecting the building from all kinds of pollutants from the indoor air including germs, bacteria, dust, mold and harmful gases.
  • A sharp reduction in PM 2.5 levels is being observed at Jindal Center with MCAC – from the high level of 83ug/m3 within the building, the average PM2.5 level of less than 3μg/m3 is maintained.