Lycée Français de Delhi wanted to provide complete clean air to its students as a retrofit installation. They had a proposal for “dilution of pollution” approach requiring high capital investment & unaffordable operational costs with several civil modifications in their existing infrastructure.



Magneto Cleantech reassessed the entire project and offered a unique revolutionary solution in which each individual classrooms was provided with clean air.

A breakaway shift from the traditional approach of “dilution of pollution” was made by offering a unique combination of Magneto Fresh Air Energy Recovery Unit combined with Magneto Central Air Cleaner for diverse types of air-con units that was scalable and economical, with virtually no modification at the client site. A new benchmark of clean air was setup that effectively controlled CO2 as well.


  • PM2.5 was maintained less than 20, and CO2 was brought down from 3800 levels to 1000.
  • Real-time Air Quality info was made available to the administration and parents.
  • Chemistry Lab fumes and harmful gases were completely nullified.
  • Above all, it was an incredible achievement to deliver these benefits at a very low cost with a very high performance that even surprised the Magneto team.