The client had been using stand-alone air purifiers of some of the best European grades but was incurring high recurring costs while the safety levels were not being achieved even in the moderate air pollution periods. Furthermore, they were worried about the secondary source of infection and gas off from the HEPA filters that were applied to their air purifiers.



The floor-mounted DX air handlers with a large number of air changes per hour were applied with Magneto Central Air Cleaner. Even the most rigorous air quality safety standards setup in the EU, USA, and Canada were met using the Magneto Central Air Cleaner. It was the only product in the market found to be effective on PM2.5, PM1.0, VOCs, odor, based on its proprietary trap and kill technology. In fact, the client had serious ozone generation concerns predominantly emitted in ESP (Electrostatic precipitators) or EAC (Electronic Air Cleaners) air cleaners. However, Magneto Central Air Cleaner, a UL867 certified product, is based on the magnetic filtration process that has no arcing, no shock-risk, and no ozone generation even when verified on-site.


  • Significant reduction in PM 2.5 & PM 1.0 levels
  • No Ozone generated
  • Risk free, certified according to UL 867