The high levels of air pollution are a big concern for the prospective home buyers and building occupants, and the Real Estate industry is under pressure to look for new avenues of “value add” with the underlying user demand.



The global building industry is moving beyond sustainability to wellness. MCAC provides a comprehensive Air Purification opportunity with no maintenance and no recurring consumables and with the highest global certifications at affordable prices.

Magneto CleanTech has made clean air visible, quantifiable and henceforth sellable. Some of the leading developers have taken a leap jump by early adoption of CTFA (Centrally Treated Fresh Air) and FMAP (Filterless Magnetic Air Purification).


Complete Clean Air solution at affordable prices made visible through real-time display lead to quick sales of residential apartments even for a mid-market priced project. The leading developer was able to sell 90% of the project within a quarter of the time expected, clearly proving that the users want to live healthier and safer lives. Magneto CleanTech through its unique offering and innovation is adding value to the entire chain of stakeholders of the real estate industry.