The existing farmhouse of a prominent individual is located in the green zone of Delhi; however, the PM 2.5 and VOC values were observed to be in the extreme zone. The structure was pre-built with a large central green courtyard and surrounded by other large spaces. The client demanded a future-ready, PM1.0 solution, along with complete clean air that provided CO2 control.



Magneto Central Air Cleaner that is India’s first ISO 16890, ePM1 ready based on the trap and kill technology with a unique patent-pending VOC filtration system was applied without any modification to any existing spaces. Magneto Fresh Air Purification System was applied in the central courtyard.


There was a significant reduction in PM2.5 and VOCs level with controlled CO2 levels. The expensive artistic art decor was also protected through this path-breaking trap & kill based Magneto Central Air Cleaner.