A specially engineered Magneto Central Air Cleaner for chilled water FCU was designed to be attached in the guest room AC unit. This new, customized version has not only a slim design but also has a unique feature of the clamp-on design, enabling easy application and removal of Magneto Central Air Cleaner unit in less than 5 minutes. Further, to control in-room smells, Magneto Central Air Cleaners for this application were equipped with odor neutralizing ACF technology.

Guest demands were:

  • Complete clean Air.
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Assured results
  • Retrofit Design
  • Real-time Air Quality Monitoring



An MCAC that was economical, easy to apply & use in existing infrastructure, offering complete clean air, was finally established after long trial runs at the site. (At Magneto, we never stop innovating!)


  • There was a significant reduction of over 90% in levels of PM2.5.
  • The very low-pressure design posed a less than 12% reduction in air quantity.
  • Substantial musky smell meltdown reduction was observed.