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Oct 21

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The onset of winter, smog situation in various parts of the country and concerns around deteriorating air quality and indoor air pollution have contributed to making air purifiers a necessity. 

Rising health consciousness among consumers coupled with increasing awareness of the hazardous effects of air pollution has created a demand for air purifiers in both residential and institutional segments. 

Air purifiers with UV-C germicidal lamps, central air cleaners, commercial air purifiers and electronic air cleaners have become  necessary for indoor spaces with increased air pollutants and allergens present in the air. 

If you are looking to buy a UV-C air purifier, this guide covers everything you need to know about UV light, UVGI technology used in air purifiers and how to select a UV-C air purifier.

Let’s start with the UV-light basics.

Ultraviolet light, a part of the light spectrum is classified into 3 wavelength ranges: 

  • UV-C – from 100 nm to 280 nm 
  • UV-B – from 280 nm to 315 nm
  • UV-A – from 315 to 400 nm


What is germicidal ultraviolet (UV-C light)?

For decades, UV-C radiation has been known to disinfect the air, water and non-porous surfaces and reduce the spread of bacteria like tuberculosis. UV-C lamps are also called germicidal. 

UV-C irradiation is highly effective in inactivating the DNA of bacteria, viruses (including SARS-CoV-2) and other pathogens. It damages the nucleic acid of microorganisms by forming covalent bonds between adjacent bases in the DNA. This way, the ability of DNA to multiply and reproduce is destroyed.  

Now you may think,  can UV-B and UV-A radiation inactivate bacteria and viruses? 

The answer is, UV-B is more hazardous than UV-C radiation as it can penetrate deeper into the human skin and eyes. UV-B causes DNA damage and increases the risk of developing skin cancer and cataract. 

UV-A on the other hand is less hazardous than UV-B radiation but also significantly less effective (nearly 1000 times less) than UV-B or UV-C. UV-A is implicated in skin ageing and increasing the risk of skin cancer. 

The next section covers how UVGI technology disinfects the air you breathe. 

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) is a proven air purification technology that disinfects the indoor air by emitting UV-C rays at 253.7 nm. At this wavelength, the UV-C rays kill microorganisms, fungi, bacteria and viruses including the SARS-CoV-2 strain of Coronavirus. By disrupting the DNA of microorganisms, UV-C radiation prevents them from reproducing and inactivates them effectively. 

UV-C germicidal lamps have been used since decades to control the spread of infectious pathogens. 

The application of UVGI for air disinfection has been recommended by global industry bodies such as ASHRAE for protection against airborne infections like COVID-19. While it has been extensively used in medical sanitization and sterile work facilities, UVGI air purifiers are recommended for air sanitization and protection against the spread SARS-CoV-2 strain of the Coronavirus. 

Industry guidelines 

As per CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the upper-room UVGI air purifier with UV-C germicidal lamp serves as a disinfection zone of UV energy, which is located above people (at a height of nearly 2.4 meters) in the room they occupy. The UV-C germicidal lamp inactivates airborne pathogens in the room where the radiation is released. 

UV-C germicidal lamps are also commonly used inside air ducts for central air disinfection.

Considerations for UVGI air purifiers with a UV-C germicidal lamp include: 

  • The most important locations for UVGI air purifiers are high-risk indoor settings with a likelihood of many people present at the same time like schools, hotel lobby or and hospital waiting rooms; Crowded spaces like shopping malls, theatres and restaurants. Areas where it is difficult to stay 6 meters apart from others. 
  • Spaces must be atleast 8 feet tall (or 2.4 meters) or a minimum ceiling height of 8.5 feet along with some airflow to move air. 


How to select a UV-C air purifier? 

If you are looking to purchase a UV-C air purifier, it is worthwhile to consider a higher CADR rating so that the air cleaner is faster and more effective at filtering the air. 

Another consideration is Ozone emission as air cleaners generate a small amount of Ozone as a by-product. While it is effective for removing odors and killing mold, in high concentrations it can cause health problems. Magneto Central Air Cleaner, co-powered with UVGI produces less than the EPA-designated ozone limit of 0.08 parts per million. 

A good measure while selecting the right solution is the certifications backing the technology. Central air purification by Magneto CleanTech’s UV-C air purifier is tested and certified by the ALG Labs, USA,  for inactivating 99.99% of Coronavirus, PM 2.5 particulate pollutants and elimination of microbes and virions while trapping pollutants of even 0.1 microns in size. It is also ISO and UL-867 certified

Magneto CleanTech’s UVGI DIY kit for AHU (Air Handling Unit) and FCU (Fan Coil Unit) is designed in accordance with ASHRAE’s recommendation for SARS-CoV-2 protection. The kit – with a UV-C germicidal lamp can be installed in new and existing air conditioning systems. 

Magneto’s UVGI solutions for on-coil and in-duct can be designed to achieve the desired kill rate with 90% efficiency on average. On one hand, the UVGI on-coil keeps the coil clean and disinfected, and the UV-C germicidal lamp kills all viruses and bacteria. On the other hand, the UVGI in-duct is used for air purification of the outer environment. 

The upper-room UVGI is used to decrease the severity of acute disease outbreaks, typically in healthcare facilities. Magneto CleanTech’s upper-room UVGI is designed to interrupt the transmission of airborne infectious pathogens in the indoor environment. 

A cost-effective UV-C air purifier, the UVGI tower is used in commercial and residential environments that do not have human occupancy for a few hours every day. It is a great surface disinfectant, requires low maintenance and the low-pressure drop ensures that you save energy. The portable UVGI with a UV-C germicidal lamp delivers complete room sanitization. 

Magento CleanTech provides high-efficiencyUV-C air purifiers to suit all kinds of indoor spaces, creating a healthy space for everyone.

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