Infrared Heater

Infrared Heater

Infrared energy is radiated heat which travels through space and can be reflected and focused on an object. This is a technology inspired by the Sun.

Being the most basic form of heating known to man, it gives the same feeling that of warmth of sun. Since air & gases absorb very little infrared energy, the source of heat is not lost while travelling when infrared rays touch a surface, heat energy is released regardless of surrounding air temperature.

Unlike conventional room heater, Magneto Infrared heater creates a warm atmosphere with hardly any heat loss due to rising heat.


• Medically Proven Healing Properties
• Energy Saving and clean way of heating
• Green Technology
• Cost effective
• Instant heat
• No cold air drafts
• Safe & Silent
• Even heat distribution
• Elegant design
• Easy Installation
• Uniquely designed to withstand all weather conditions(IP 24)


 Application Areas                                                                                                                                

• Tents, pavilions and gazebos                                                                                                          PPT
• Terraces and balconies
• Porches and smoking shelters                                                                                                        Catalogue
• Event and exhibition areas
• Hotels and restaurants                                                                                                                     FAQ
• Health and fitness centers
• Large height areas
• Homes & farm houses and many other spaces…