Ceiling Mounted Fan

Ceiling Mounted Fan

A unique Ventilation Fan with a beautifully furnished grill. It is a quiet product that collects the exhaust air from toilets, dressers, kitchens, stores, etc. There is no need to provide a trapdoor in the false ceiling and it requires a small ceiling height as well. It has a rugged construction which allows it to be used in several applications, even in high pressure areas.


  • Quiet in operation
  • Easy to install
  • No Access door to operate or maintain in false ceiling
  • Rugged all metal construction for long life operation
  • Bearing type motor with overheat protection device
  • Complete unit with elegant suction grill design
  • Non return Air Valve ensures no outside foul smell or dust leaked into area


Model Pressure
Rated Voltage
Rated Frequency


Input Power


Air Volume
Duct Size
MC-CVF(FP)-45 165 220 50 47 270 38 125
MC-CVF(FP)-65 260 220 50 76 390 42 150
MC-CVF(FP)-85 260 220 50 88 480 42 150
MC-CVF(FP)-130 405 220 50 125 780 46 200